The Plumbing San Leandro Deserves!

a new faucet runs clean and clearSometimes the best way to give a room a completely new look is to simply change the hardware. A change to a detail like faucet or shower head can make a huge difference in the presentation and feel of the whole room. Our technicians are here to help you pick out the right fixtures to achieve the feel that you are going for. We understand the kind of plumbing San Leandro is looking for and have the connections to get it done. Whether it's a step back in time to a classical look with a gorgeous, timeless, kitchen faucet by Kohler or an ultra sleek, modern bath faucet by Sloan, we are your choice installers.

Shower Heads For All Types

a soothing rain of water from a showerheadWe know the type of plumbing San Leandro deserves and we strive to deliver it day in and day out. That doesn't stop with faucets either. There are hundreds of choices in shower heads as well. The first step in choosing a new shower head is determining what type of flow you are looking for. Standard stationary shower heads aren't very elegant but do give the option of massaging, pulsating and standard stream showers. Hand Helds allow for the same type of flow but with a moveable head to reach the whole body. Dual systems have one of each and are the choice of most of our customers. A current popular trend is the “rain” style showerhead that creates a wide area of soft flow that can be dropped vertically and provides a very natural showering experience. Rain heads are also quite elegant and provide a sense of class that isn't found in most other wall mounted units.

We Know Johns Inside and Out

toilets plumbing San Leandro styleOur San Leandro plumbing team also suggests looking into the different types and styles of toilet available. While these represent a larger budgetary commitment, they make a huge impact on the feel of a bathroom, especially a smaller one. The toilet can be the dominant fixture in a powder room or half bath and should be chosen with care. Our professional contractors can help you decide which one of the thousands of toilet designs is right for your bathroom.

One Small Change Can Save You More Than Change!

A simple fixture change is a cost effective way to update the look and feel of an older bathroom or kitchen without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a full remodel. Call us today ad get the plumbing service you deserve in San Leandro.

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