San Leandro Drain Clearing

one of our San Leandro drain clearing plumbers is working on a sink drainYour drains are running slow, and you're seeing water start to back up into the sink while you're rinsing dishes. Now is the time to get your drains cleared, not when the drain stops running completely. Our San Leandro drain clearing plumbers are the tops at drain clearing. Call us right now and get those drains running clear.

We know exactly why your drains aren't running and have the powerful equipment needed to fix them. What causes those clogs? That depends on where you're looking. If all of your drains are running slow, the problem is in your main lateral line – the main line that connects your house to the municipal drain system. These clogs are caused by long term grease and debris buildup in the line or by invasive tree roots. In either case, our high powered auger or hydrojet will blast through the clog and leave your drains running clear again.

Helping You Get Rid Of Those Pesky Clogs

However, if you are having trouble in only one or two drains, you probably have a localized clog. These clogs have different causes depending on which area of the house you are in. In the kitchen that cause of most clogs is grease being poured down the drain while still hot. This grease hits the cool pipes and immediately congeals. The solidified grease starts to build up on the interior of your pipes and that small clog starts picking up other debris that comes down the drain.

Professional Drain Clearing in San Leandro

a tech is using the Rigid snake to clear a drainIn the bathroom, most clogs are caused in the sink and tub by hair and soap scum. These problems can be prevented with the use of drain screens over the drains. This prevents hair from getting caught on imperfections on the interior of the pipes. We clear these drain clogs with a hand auger or low powered hydrojet. We don't use caustic chemicals like Drano or Liquid Plumber because they are not good for the environment or the plumbing system, and suggest that you don't use them either.

If you have a major drain clog call in our San Leandro drain clearing specialists to get your drains running smooth again!